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Change your Wii games from the couch. First world problem SOLVED!

My Wii game collection recently hit 200 and it's starting to be a pain to get up and finger through the Wii collection. Yea, I know, /r/firstworldproblems/. Anyhow, buying a regular external 1 TB USB hard drive was the answer to my /r/firstworldproblems/. The process of dumping my original Wii games onto the Wii external hard drive took about a week for 200 Wii games. After the big Wii game dump, my Wii is now loaded with all of my original game disc. I no longer need to leave the couch. A /r/firstworldproblems/ solved.

Click over to this Wii backup tutorial if you'd like to rid yourself of this first world problem.
Nintendo Wii homebrew and game disc backup tutorial.

Switch Wii games from your couch